Garrosh Hellscream

by timoseewho, 106 days ago

From the outside, this fight on heroic looked just like its normal counterpart with a bit more health and a trip to Stormwind, but after diving into it, we realized that Blizzard crafted quite the fight.

After losing a few raiders over the months, couple sub-15% wipes, and one soul crushing 1% wipe, we stood up tall and defeated this giant to earn a server first spam on 10-man:).

(essay to come soon(tm))

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Buggy fight.

by timoseewho, 154 days ago

Ya ya I know, slacking with the titles.

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AfricanAmerican-fuse down!

by timoseewho, 164 days ago

The odds were stacked against us, absences, not being able to log on, etc etc. but lest we forget, Siegecrafter Blackfuse died on November 11th.

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It came in like a wreeecccking baaaall.

by timoseewho, 183 days ago

Many attempts later..

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Many sparks, handle it!

by timoseewho, 197 days ago

This title not redundant at all. Steepside was the better side, maybe?

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Many orbs, handle it!

by timoseewho, 203 days ago

Great fight...... NOT!

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Kfc not strong at all.

by timoseewho, 204 days ago

Best pvp'ers NA.

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You dug your own graves.

by timoseewho, 210 days ago

Had a few low % despawns yay.

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I think we know the drill by now.

by timoseewho, 211 days ago

A bro takes the grenade for another bro.

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Somebody set up us the bomb, and it wasn't CATS.

by timoseewho, 212 days ago

Long ass fight.

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