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[insert obligatory twins fight]

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And the crowd goes wild!

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First of many more to come.

Fury Warrior PoV

And due to popular demand

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Because Garrosh was so January!

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All about Ner'zhul now, because ignoring adds is too mainstream.

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Garrosh Hellscream

by timoseewho, 343 days ago

From the outside, this fight on heroic looked just like its normal counterpart with a bit more health and a trip to Stormwind, but after diving into it, we realized that Blizzard crafted quite the fight.

After losing a few raiders over the months, couple sub-15% wipes, and one soul crushing 1% wipe, we stood up tall and defeated this giant to earn a server first spam on 10-man:).

Going into Mists of Pandaria as a 25-man and coming out of it as the same 10-man core with a much better ranking was probably the last thing many of us thought would happen. We managed to stay relatively competitive and in the end we got a 10-man realm first out of it, a realm first nonetheless! We went a full circle and back, but as a much stronger guild.

On behalf of Guiles Theme Song I would like to thank everyone who participated in the formation of the 25-man and I am deeply sorry for it not going the way I intended it to go. There were just too many issues to fix at once. I would like to thank whoever stuck around through all that mess and brought us to where we are now.

For the most part, panda-land was enjoyable, it was like home for me. I can't say much about the PvP aspects, but raiding was definitely not as dull as it was in Cataclysm. Who came up with the idea of 7 bosses (with a stupid driving one, yes I'm looking at you Rhyolith), followed by a whopping 8, with the final boss (expansion-ending boss) requiring you to peel his claws off one cliff at a time. The world bosses coming back was a nice touch, but I think I speak for everyone when I say this, fuck the daily quests. All in all, good job Blizzard for providing us with many memorable fights. Guards for the random derp explosions, Feng for some creative Druid mechanics, Gara'jal for a week of head banging before we killed him quickly with enchants, Kings for Natsuki getting annihilated and taunting thanks, Elegon for being a loot pinata, Emperors for melee doing things they never wanted to do, Zor'lok for melee sucking at dancing, Ta'yak for op shells, Garalon for Trendkill's clutch bargain, Mel'jarak for crazy madness lol, Un'sok for praying for Trytofailz not to get focused aside from the first 5 mins of sleepfest, Shek'zeer for casters/healers doing all the work, Protectors for the damn interrupts, interrupts? Tsulong for Powerslavee's clueless Shaman play, Lei Shi for them rotations high five, Fear for no one getting feared on the kill, Jin'rokh for much dancing fail, Horridon for crazy tank 1 shots at the end, Elders for Mikezak being too good, Tortos for my crazy leet soccer skills, Megaera for them creative portal usage, Ji Kun for going from the best run back to the worst, Durumu for a buggy ass fight, Primordius for for great rng ooze spawns, Animus for the many desperate strategies we managed to come up with, Qon for MORE creative portal usage, Consorts for Inkling's beautiful paintings, Lei Shen for Powerslavee getting blown onto the boss and getting struck but I am sure there were lots more other fails, Ra den for the 6-man and longest few percentages of our lives, Immerseus for playing terribly for a supposedly easy fight, Fallen Protectors for seeing which non-tank could take it to the face the longest, Norushen for frustrating low percentage wipes, Pride for Pacman ya, Galakras for dare I say interrupts and stuns? Juggernaut for wombo combos, Shamans for much despawn heartbreaks, Nazgrim for cough cough shockwaves, Malkorok for a certain Druid being too fat, Spoils for all that friendly fire, Thok for Steepdaddy wtf-pwning the crap out of it, Blackfuse for a pretty well-crafted fight, Paragons for the ginormous list of abilities that to this day most people probably still don't know half of, and Garrosh for really putting the guild to the test in which we prevailed in the end, and probably the smoothest and most satisfying first kill ever.

Alpha's out! Warlords of Draenor looks to be just around the corner, though that corner still seems a bit far. I am sure Blizzard tried their best to keep it at 1 expansion/year wink wink. It should be no surprise by now that 10/25-man is essentially being phased out and 20-man is being forced if any guild plans on playing competitively in the upcoming expansion. With that, it should also be no surprise that Guiles Theme Song plans on going 20-man to keep up with that, so after a break post-Garrosh, we're refreshed, back in action, and ready to kick some Orc butt. Our recruitment is open to anyone who deems him/herself qualified to compete at a high level. However if you have little to no heroic raiding experience in Mists of Pandaria or any proof that you raided hardcore pre-panda, the odds are stacked against you, higher than the CN Tower, boom! If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact Teem or Trendkill either through a pm here or letter/tell on Magtheridon and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Shoutouts to Smittsy for being the lone survivor from our 25-man era, Powerslavee for continuing to be a pain in the ass, Talore for rushing home everyday to make the raids, Inkling, I never figured out how you could play so many games at once, I guess that goes for you too Borgrok, Mikeo, stay salty, Drooul, we poke at you all the time, but it was all in good fun, ps. quit whatever you're doing on Tuesdays, you the man Trendkill (who holds top WORLD parses for Baradin Hold bosses), you, the, man, and the other token Warlock, Reminisce, even though I haven't played with you much, I think we all know that this kill would have came a lot later without your class, I mean, you! Last but not least, SteepdaddyNatsuki, and Kitna, for not only helping us increase our Paladin recruit count, but devo-ting your time to helping the raid get as far as it did. Special thanks to anyone else involved in the past, Banric, Grahu, Ampersand, Alte, Adrenawin, Grayc, Marieya, Underscore, Biscut, Drishnu, Zasper, and a ton of Hunters who never made it, and made me look like a loot-whore, so screw you guys!

I hope to see you guys back in the digital world and let's bring the pain in WoD.

Teem out!

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